refractory for iron industry

Refractory material is applied in all industries where metal melting vessels must be protected against high temperatures. Brothers International supply a full range of refractory products for all applications within the iron industry, including silica, fire clay, mid and high alumina shaped products as well as a complete application material solution.

Refractory for iron industry by Brothers International Industry

Refractory Product Range for the Iron Industry:

The Brothers International portfolio also includes Alumina Carbon, Alumina SiC Carbon, Ceramic Cups, Corundum Blocks, Alumina Bricks, Microporous Graphite Carbon Bricks, Silicon Carbide Bricks, Tar Alumina Bricks and Tap-Hole Clay.

Unshaped products such as castables, gunnings and rammings also constitute a large proportion of our sales to the Iron industry. Ancillary items, such as precast shapes, tuyeres and nozzles, are also available.

 Application for the Iron Industry:

1. Blast Furnace: The blast furnace has a complex lining based on many different zones each with different refractories requirements.

In general, refractories are required to have resistance to CO, alkalis, abrasion, impact, thermal shock and slag resistance. Brothers International engineers select carefully the most appropriate refractories for each specific area of the lining.

In general, mid alumina bricks are used in the upper zones with SiC and Carbon more appropriate for the bosh and tuyere band. Microporous carbon is used in the hearth and it can be supplemented with a ceramic cup.

2. Torpedo Ladle: Torpedo ladles transfer hot metal from the blast furnace to the steel plant and in some cases the liquid iron is treated in the ladle to remove impurities, such as S, Si and others.

The refractory linings need to have thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance, impact and corrosion resistance and if the lining is carbon-bonded, it needs to have oxidation resistance.

Al SiC C bricks were developed to meet the more arduous conditions experienced in treated ladles. The use of this type of lining has also become more prevalent in untreated torpedo ladles, but fired and phosphate bonded mid and high alumina materials can also be used depending on plant operations.

We work closely with our customers to supply a suitable range of gunning and castable materials to repair and extend the working lining life of a Torpedo Ladle.

3. Hot Metal Ladle:  Brothers International designs lining concepts for use in Hot Metal Ladle transport.

Materials are chosen for different zones: slag, metal, impact, bottom and safety.

Bricks demonstrating refractoriness, resistance to thermal shock and volume stability to line the ladle zones. Bricks include: Fired brick and Alumina Silicon Carbide

Castables are utilized in the spout, floor surround and as repair masses. Chemically bonded refractory castables exhibit strength and density combined with volume stability from ambient to elevated temperatures. Monolithics include: mortar, gunning mix and joint mix.

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