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The principle products of Brothers International Industry include: Graphite electrodes, Foundry sand, Copper mould tube and Refractory products. We also pay close attention to any specific customer needs in optimizing their supply projects.

Our products are distributed worldwide and our partners have found success in continued partnerships with our company. We plan to keep expanding our business scope, strengthening the connections with our customers, building our talented team and to continue our growth as an International company and an Industry leader.

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Products!

Continuous development in Electric Arc Furnaces & Ladle Technology has led to the need of Graphite Electrodes of very stringent quality. Emergence of DRI, HBI, Sponge Iron as potential source of raw material as against steel scrap revolutionized Electric…

Brothers International can supply a full range of refractory products for all applications within this industry, including silica, fire clay, mid and high alumina shaped products as well as a complete range of basic bricks based on resin bonded technology….

Copper Mould Tube

The function of Copper Mould is to receive the molten steel and to allow rapid heat transfer from the steel to the cooling water to enable quick solidification. The mould must exhibit excellent thermal conductivity, be resistant for thermal…

Refractory material is applied in all industries where metal melting vessels must be protected against high temperatures. Brothers International supply a full range of refractory products for all applications within the iron industry, including silica,…

Refractory for Non-ferrous Industries

Brothers International Refractory products and engineering are well established in many applicationsRefractory linings for the copper, nickel and lead industry Refractory linings for the aluminium industry Refractory linings for cement industry…

Cored Wire

Cored Wire and injection machineBrothers International is dedicated to supplying high quality cored wire and wire feeding equipment. We offer reliable, easy to maintain and user friendly operated cored wire injection machines.

Foundry Sand - Ceramic Bead

Bauxitic Casting Pearls  (also called ‘Ceramsite’ ) are innovative spherical casting sand developed in the Far East initially for the discerning Japanese markets. With the excellent casting property feedback and lower price. Ceramsite has already conq…

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